Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I heart The Civil Wars

Have you heard of The Civil Wars?  Not the Civil War, The Civil Wars.  They are a musical group, a duo and they're Fabulous with a capital F!

I just recently discovered them b/c apparently I was living under a rock.  They have the most marvelous melodic harmonies.  Their songs are poetry and let's just say they tend to be on the emotional side.

The One that Got Away

Unfortunately this little duo is having some conflict of their own and are currently not on speaking terms (for months).  Despite their own civil wars they have released a new album this week.  I had a sneak peak the last few days as iTunes allowed it to stream for free.  Let's just say it was pretty much playing over-and-over for a little bit there. ;)

The UPS man just made my day by dropping off the new album The Civil Wars as well as a copy of their first album Barton Hollow.

Hopefully they'll work it out and make more music someday!

Just one more video, they covered Billie Jean.  You must check it out!

Now if you'll excuse me I have some music listening to do!

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