Monday, March 10, 2014

Gummy Vitamins for Adults

I have a confession to make, I eat gummy vitamins.  Have you tried them?  I'm not talking about sneaking your kid's gummy vitamins (which I have done a time or two), I mean the real made-for-adult ones.  I was thrilled to see an adult Multi-Vitamin at my store a year or so ago.  I'd be choking down regular horse-pill vitamins and was ready for a more palatable alternative.  The Target brand was both inexpensive and tasty, score!

Then recently while buying my regular multivitamin for me and the kids (they use the children's version) I noticed quite a few other Gummy vitamin options on the shelf.  They had C, D, B12, CoQ10 and calcium to name a few.  I decided to give the CoQ10 (trying to protect my heart and brain) and B12 (trying to keep my moods even and energy up).  Oh my I was not disappointed.  These vitamins tasted even better than the multi one!  I actually look forward to taking my vitamins now.


My favorite in flavor order is B12, CoQ10 and then multi.  The B12 taste just like candy, I have to keep myself from eating more than the recommended daily dose (2 gummies).  I bought vitamins that did not include artificial dyes or preservatives.  They have ingredients like sugar, gelatin, citric acid, coconut oil and beeswax. 

I will admit that they are not as good as getting the nutrients from real foods, and perhaps they aren't even as good as the regular pill types but I don't care.  They taste yummy and it's better than no vitamins at all!

So give them a try and let me know what you think.  If you have a favorite gummy vitamin or supplement pass it along. :) 

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