Friday, May 3, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Patio Set

Today on Fisher Price Friday I have the perfect set for the warm spring weather we're having.  It's the Play Family House Patio Set #726.  Made from 1970-1973 this set was one of three accessory sets for the Play Family House #952.  This play set was the first to introduce the pool, umbrella table and BBQ grill accessory pieces.  All three were made for at least one other set in the years to come (especially the BBQ!).

The set had only 7 accessories and 4 people. 

The umbrella table and the swimming pool (wading style) have imprinted flowers.  They were later made for the #909 Play Family Rooms.  The original 1970 set (as pictured) had a turquoise pool, and a turquoise table with a yellow umbrella.  The 1972-1973 set had a yellow pool and a yellow table with a turquoise umbrella.
The table included 4 chairs, with 2 color variations.  The set pictured had 2 yellow and 2 orange captain chairs, they coordinate with the flowers on the top of the umbrella.  The yellow chairs also came in 3 different variations (gold, mustard or yellow) how confusing is that?

The BBQ is yellow with spindle legs (3 separate legs).  As I wrote before this was the first FPLP set to include a BBQ.  The BBQ went on to be in many many sets including the Play Family Rooms #909, Play Family A-Frame #990, Play Family Pop Up Camper #992, Play Family Camper #994 and the Play Family Village #997.  In 1972 the BBQ switched to turquoise, that color was only produced for one other set, one of the #909 versions.  As a result the turquoise BBQ is harder to find.

The family included in the 1970-1971 sets had a wood body and wood face.  In 1972-1973 they still had wood bodies but could have either a plastic or wood face.  The family had a dad, mom, boy and girl.  There were no variations to the family.
There were 3 other Accessory Sets:

Decorator Set #728
Kitchen Set #729

So fire up the grill and don't forget the sunscreen!

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