Friday, January 3, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Fisher Price Christmas Gifts

We had a Fisher Price Christmas around here because my girls received lots of lovely pre-loved/vintage Fisher Price toys.  I love the idea of re-using and re-loving vintage toys with a new generation of kids.  Fortunately so far they do too!  Pictured above are a few of the favorites.  I'll be showing them in more detail on the blog in the year to come!

Here is a photo of our vintage fisher price ornament tree.  It's so full that I need to get a bigger tree to hold them all next year. :)

Now to show you two of my own special Fisher Price gifts that I received this year.  A lovely secret-Santa sent me the most marvelous hand-made bag.  Isn't it amazing?  Such detail and it has so many of my favorite toys!  It's a big bag too!

The back is just as cute as the front!

My secret-santa also sent me this beautiful custom bracelet from the Etsy shop The Hosford Housewife.  The Hosford Housewife doesn't have one like it in her shop right now (since it was custom) but you could send her pictures of your own favorite Little People (or vintage toys) and have one made.  I love the idea of making one that looked like your own family, or with castle people, or western people.  Oh the possibilities! 

So thank you again to my no-longer secret-santa Nancy, I LOVE my gifts. :)

As you can see it was a happy Fisher Price Christmas around here, I hope yours was too!

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