Friday, August 21, 2015

Fisher Price Friday - Bride and Groom

Did you know that there was a vintage Fisher Price Little People bride and groom?  Well "vintage" is a stretch, collectible might be a better term.  The Little People Bride and Groom #2390 was a tiny 2 person set of chunky people made between 1991-1993. 

The bride and groom are chunky people, the little people figures made after the original people and before the current more modern figures.  Chunky people were only made between 1991-1996 and were the reaction to safety concerns that the original little people were choking hazards.  Although they were only made for a short time quite a few were produced.  

The chunky bride and groom were the first wedding couple produced by Fisher Price.  If you find an original (classic 1950's-1990) little people couple that resembles a bride and groom then you have found a unicorn, as special couples were produced only for Fisher Price staff as gifts when they married.  I've never seen one in person but the couple is pictured on This Old Toy here.

I was inspired to share our little people bride and groom with you today because this evening I'm attending a wedding of a sweet young couple.  They're so young that these toys were released while they were still babies.  Ah youth!  

Best wishes to the newlyweds!

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