Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Backyard Playhouse

February and March in Phoenix are one of the main reasons we live here!  It's sunny and warm'ish (70-80's), perfect for playing outside.  Before we know it the hot hot 100+ degree weather will return so we're enjoying the outside while we can.

The girls even planted a few seeds and are eagerly watching for growth every day.

My girls favorite backyard activity is our playhouse.  As they age the play outside is moving from digging in the dirt to more elaborate restaurant themed play.  For example lately they've had their own "Zupa's Restaurant".  An interesting choice since we've only eaten at the actual restaurant once or twice!

All set up!

Sweet girls enjoying their playhouse.  BTW, when I told my oldest (age 8) that we'd eventually get rid of the playhouse when they outgrew it she replied vientimently that it would never happen.  That she would always want to play in it.

Oh that they would stay young!

The Playhouse:

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