Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lego Friends Birthday Party - Soap Favor

My oldest daughter turned 9 yesterday.  I can't get over how quickly my kids are growing and these birthday parties are getting easier and more enjoyable as they grow.

She decided on a Lego Friend's party theme this year and invited a few of her girlfriends over to the house.  I'll have more details on her party soon but first I want to show you how we made her super cute favors.

I had the idea to give the girls Lego Friend's figures which are the tiny little characters from the Lego Friend's sets.  They are also the stars of the Lego Friend's tv show that is their favorite choice on Netflix.

Since these pieces are so very tiny I thought it would be better to put them into a soap and the idea for soap favors was born.  My daughters were able to help me make them so it was a fun family project.

Here's how we did it:

I purchased the big soap block and a soap mold from Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon for $16 (total).  I only used about 1/2 of the block for our 8 soaps so I have plenty for another soap-making-adventure.  

The Lego Friends figures were from eBay and cost about $2 each.

After melting a slice of the soap on the stove (in my stainless pot) I added a few drops of Orange or Lavender essential oil.

The hardest part for us was getting the figures to stay in the middle of the melted soap.  After a little trial and error we found it best to fill 1/2 of the tray, place the figure and then add the other 1/2 of the soap.   We used a toothpick to push down any of the floating figures.  

They turned out pretty good for a first attempt!  We wrapped the soaps with plastic wrap after they were cool.

We put the wrapped soaps into a plastic treat bag and added some candy blocks that look like Legos.  Last but not least we tied the bags with ribbons that look like pink/green blocks.

The favors were a hit and we're pretty proud to have made them ourselves. :)

For more information:

1 inch Pink/Green Block Ribbon from TheFabFind on Etsy.
Lego Friends Mini Figures from Ebay.

I'll have more Lego Friend's party theme details soon including invitations, decorations and games.

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