Friday, January 13, 2017

Fisher Price Friday - My Friend Nicky

Happy New Year!  I'm back to share another toy for Fisher Price Friday.  Today it's a collectable Fisher Price doll from the 1980s.  I gave my youngest daughter a Nicky doll for Christmas this year and it was one of her favorite presents.  

She had seen a Nicky doll online while I was looking at eBay one afternoon a couple months ago and pointed it out.  She then told me regularly that she would love the doll for Christmas or her next birthday.  Little does she know that finding a brand new 30 year old doll is not the easiest thing to do. :)

However, after a bit of searching I found this beautiful New-In-Box Nicky and she was very excited to open the box on our Christmas present opening day (not actually Christmas day but that's another story).

My Friend Nicky #206 was made only in 1985 and is one of the many super cute My Friend Dolls. Her head, arms and legs are made of plastic but she has a cloth body.  She can sit or stand.   She has soft curly hair, a blue and white cheerleading uniform, blue plastic headband with hearts and flowers and 2 pom poms.   I've read that the doll also came with white panties but as you can see ours are missing.  So either my 5 year old put them somewhere or my NIB doll was missing hers. Either way it's no big deal because the doll has a built in cloth torso that looks like flowered shorts.

According to the box Nicky is machine washable and her hair can be combed and set.  I have not tried to machine wash our My Friends dolls yet, I'm much too afraid!  It just seems like a bad idea.  If I ever do I will make sure to update with the results. 

Note that in 1984 there was a cheerleading Mandy #216 that had the same outfit and accessories.  She is the blond doll that we already happened to have, although my daughter had the #4009 Special Birthday Mandy version.

They also sold the cheerleading outfit only as set #4109.  The sweater on that set had "Mandy" printed on it.

Nicky came with a pair of blue and white tennis shoes.  This particular shoe was exclusive to this cheerleading outfit set.  The cotton socks are white with a blue stripe and they were also exclusives. 

Her blue and white pom poms attach via a velcro strap to her wrist.  The back of the box shows the doll with yellow/blue pom poms but as far as I have found this was not a variation that was produced. 

My five year old loves both of her My Friend dolls.  Although right now Nicky is her favorite. :)  For more information on Mandy check out: Special Birthday Mandy #4009

Note: Mandy is wearing a new yellow rollerskating outfit in this photo, another Christmas present.  She came with a party dress originally.

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