Saturday, April 1, 2017

Downton Abbey Sighting!

Downton Abbey may be a fictional show but it was filmed at a real English Castle, Highclere Castle.  This lovely estate has been the backdrop for quite a few British films and also hosts special events and even overnight guest!

I happened to recognize the lovely estate while watching a film with my girls last night.  So if you have missed seeing Downton Abbey check out the movie Back to the Secret Garden on Netflix.  Made in 2000 this (made for TV) children's film is based on the classic The Secret Garden but takes place in the 1940s when Mary and Colin are adults and there are new children living at Misselthwaite Manor (orphans).  The secret garden still needs help and love and fortunately there is a new character (Lizzie) to save the day.

There are no familiar actors from the Downton Abbey show but there is a "Lady Mary" that owns the estate, so that's close!

It was a cute, clean and sweet film.  My girls enjoyed it (the 9yo more than the 5 yo), especially my oldest who had just finished reading the novel (again).  They were able to learn a few British words and phrases.  And we had opportunities to talk about what makes a good friend (just wait, there is a jealous mean girl in the story).

So make a cup of tea, get some biscuits and gather your kids on the couch for a movie this weekend!

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