Friday, June 7, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Farm Tractor and Cart

Howdy folks, today I'd like to share a cute little Fisher Price play set.  It's the Play Family Farm Tractor and Cart #716.  Made from 1969-1972 this set came out one year after the classic Play Family Farm #915.  This set could either be added to the Farm or used by itself.

The set came with 5 pieces.  A tractor, wagon, rooster, hen and a cowboy (boy size).  The cowboy has a wood head and body (plastic hat) and there were no variations.  The boy in the photo is in fabulous condition, he looks new!

The roosters and chickens were the original type, which is two halves stuck together.  As shown in the photo, the rooster on the left is the old version (made for FP sets from 1968-1973).  It has a shallow square hole and a seam down the middle.  The newer roosters (shown on the right) were one piece with "Made in Hong Kong" stamped around the bottom.  The original roosters/chickens are more rare and therefore more valuable on the resale market.

The wagon for this set is red/orange with big yellow wheels.  There is a lithograph of an engine on each side of the tractor.  The wheels may or may not be marked with "Fisher Price" on them (the black wheels).  There is also a yellow cart with 2 black wheels. It attaches to the back of the tractor.

Happy Farming to ya!

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And check out my Etsy shop, I often have farm pieces for sale if you want your own. 

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