Saturday, August 10, 2013

My kid needs cups to sleep

Most children develop an attachment to a special item.  For example a specific blanket, stuffed animal, doll or perhaps an item of clothing.  This item gives them a sense of security at bedtimes, when away from familiar surroundings or when separated from parents.

The most common would be a blanket or a stuffed animal.  Many parents purchase spares so that they can be easily replaced if lost.  This is important come bedtime when said blanket has gone missing and your child is hysterical.

The girls with their blankets.

My first child she didn't form an attachment to any particular item right away, it took some time for her to form a bond with a blanket.  We still have that blanket for bedtime but she doesn't need to take it everywhere (fortunately).  We have tried to locate a similar replacement for when this one wears out but have been unsuccessful.

Blanket, babies, cups and animal security items on vacation this summer.

Now my second child, who just turned 2 has already had a few different security items.  First was her blanket (lovely goodmama bamboo cuddle blanket).  She still needs to have her blanket ("lank-let") at night but she also needs a few other items and one in particular.  She prefers at least 2 small baby dolls.  But that isn't enough, they need to have their clothes off (including the hat).  But that isn't enough yet either, the clothes need to be near the doll, just not on it.


If that wasn't specific and maddening enough (especially when the clothes go missing) she now has formed a strong attachment to plastic stacking cups.  Yes that's right, cups.

Not just any cups, these are special made-from-recycled-milk-carton cups by Green Toys and were a baby gift from my BFF.  Somewhere along the way she decided they were amazing and she insists on taking them everywhere (if possible).  Specifically 2 cups.  Not just any 2 cups though, the 2 purple ones.  She NEEDS them to go to sleep at night and when I go in to check on her more often than not she is holding one in her hand.

A couple nights ago we couldn't find one of the cups.  The purple #4 to be exact and she was beside herself.  She couldn't settle down and kept yelling "cup cup cup".  Oh my.  I tore the house apart trying to find that stupid little purple cup.  I tried to convince her that the green #2 or blue #3 would work for just that night but she would have none of it.

Finally I found #4 purple under the couch and she was able to settle down and sleep, happily stacking and unstacking her cups in the darkness of her room.

Let's just say I am going to stock up on another set (or 2) of those cups this week!

Playing with the cups outside.

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