Friday, July 29, 2016

The Littles Dollhouse

Today I'm taking a break from vintage Fisher Price (I am running out of toys after all!!) to share a vintage Mattel toy instead. Although I use the word "vintage" loosely since this toy is from my childhood and I am not vintage (or even 40) yet! Let's try "collectible" instead. 

This small but mighty plastic dollhouse is full of lots of little fun.  It's The Littles family dollhouse made by Mattel in the 1980s.  

My parents bought this dollhouse and the many tiny (I'm talking T-I-N-Y) accessories at discount prices when we were little ourselves.  I come from a long line of people that appreciate a good deal!

The littles dollhouse has five rooms and a deck.  The front door opens and closes, the staircase is permanent and the fireplace actually lights up (battery). There aren't specific rooms where the furniture can go, so we got to decide ourselves.  The bathroom usually ended up on the top since it was the smallest room, but sometimes we'd mix it up. :)  I've seen my girls do the same when they play with the dollhouse now.  It lives at my parent's house so they get to enjoy it when we visit.

It is actually quite sturdy and hasn't' broken apart despite decades of play!  Now the little people and some tiny furniture isn't quite as solid, but they're mostly still intact.

The furniture is made of metal (cast iron) and plastic and has tiny tiny little details and pieces.  For example, the dresser drawers actually open (and can fall out), the kitchen table has folding sides, the icebox in the kitchen opens and shuts and the oven door opens.  

The kitchen included teeny tiny little dishes (plates and cups) and there are metal accessories for the stove.  There are also vases with flowers, lamps and pillows/blankets for the beds.  It is AMAZING to me that we still have any of these pieces!!

I am so thankful that my parents kept this little dollhouse so that my littles can enjoy it.  Here's hoping they don't lose all those tiny pieces!

If you want your own Littles dollhouse or accessories I've seen them on Etsy and eBay, many still new-in-box.

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