Friday, July 22, 2016

Fisher Price Friday - Special Birthday Mandy

Happy Fisher Price Friday!  A few weeks ago I gave a sneak peek of the vintage but New-In-Box Fisher Price doll that I'd bought for my 5 year old's birthday.  Well it was a hit and she LOVES her new Special Birthday Mandy #4009 doll.  Today I'll give you a closer look and some background.

First up the box.  Now in general I am not a fan of NIB vintage toys because I am stuck with a box as I feel too guilty to throw it away (they have collectable value). However, with dolls and stuffed toys I have made an exception.  I am also allowing myself to dispose of the boxes without guilt (well maybe a little guilt).

Mandy was one of several "My Friends" dolls made by Fisher Price.  This birthday edition was the last Mandy made and was produced in 1985.  She has a soft body and plastic arms, legs and face.  According to the box she is machine washable....but I haven't tried!

Special Birthday Mandy came dressed in a party dress with lace tights, white shoes, a silver party hat and a box with a present inside!   

Mandy came with a blue box that had a pink bow on the outside which was attached to her wrist with a plastic zip tie.  Variations of the box included a pink box with a silver or white bow.

The actual bracelet is pink with hearts all around.  According to the box the hearts on the bracelet should be silver, but ours were not.  So either there was a variation or the silver faded over time.

The box says Mandy is for kids age 4 and up and the bracelet fit my now 5 year old perfectly.

She's a cutie for sure!  My daughter takes her everywhere and sleeps with her every night.  She'd take her to swim lessons if I let her. :)  I also found vintage My Friend doll clothes and will share those another day.

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