Friday, September 5, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Baby Ann

Today I'd like to share one of my daughter's favorite little dolls.  It's no wonder since Baby Ann #204 looks so much like her!  In fact she refers to the baby doll by her own name. :)  Can you blame her, she's a mini-me.

Of course this is precisely the reason we bought Baby Ann for her.  I was looking to get my youngest a baby doll for Christmas when she was 2 years old and decided to look at a vintage toy of course. ;)  Baby Ann is a hug able mostly soft doll and she also sits pretty well.  

She is one of 6 soft dolls (plus one boy) that were produced by Fisher Price between 1974-1978.  Baby Ann was only made between 1974-1976.  These dolls were designed for children 18mo - 5 years old.  Their soft arms, legs and feet make them safe for little ones.  However, their hair and removable clothing make them interesting for the 4-5 year olds.


Baby Ann came with a white flowered dress that has a decorative red ribbon on the front.  The dress fastens with velcro and has elastic around the wrists.  She also came with a white diaper.  Our doll has a diaper but I do not believe that it is the original diaper.  I've read that Ann's diaper should have been white with an elastic waist and legs.  It is removable as well.

Ann's body is peach and she has sewn on red fabric shoes with lace around the ankles.

We selected Baby Ann for our baby-girl because of her short hair.  I love this hair.  At first glance it looks as if a small child gave the doll a brisk haircut however this is how she was designed!  I love it, a child with a messy haircut just like mine. :)  I am sure initially her hair laid a bit flatter, but although messy it is still in remarkably good condition.

Isn't she the sweetest little baby-doll?  Oh yes, and the toy is cute too. :)

Note: There is one more Baby Ann variation by Fisher Price; in 1975 and 1976 a Musical Baby Ann was produced.  She looked just like the regular Baby Ann but had a music box inserted in her back.  This doll is very rare as it is reported that only 300 were made.  She had the same number (#204) as the regular Baby Ann doll.

Can I just add that this little girl from the 70's also named Ann(e) by the way should have had this doll too!  It looked just like me!  Instead I had Joey (a boy!!), a different Fisher Price soft doll.  No hard feelings mom and dad.  Ha!

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