Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Happenings (AKA why I'm not posting much lately)

I realize I'm a bit behind on posting lately.  In fact I actually totally forgot to do last Friday's Fisher Price Friday.  I think that's a first!  However, since we're all busy this time of year I'm guessing not many people noticed. ;)

Here are a few of things I've been doing instead of blogging:

Best Friend's Birthday Party at Peter Piper Pizza!

Christmas Presents! (opened on the 23rd this year, later than usual)

Skyping Family on Christmas Day
Christmas Morning Stockings

Frozen at the Drive-In Movie Theater (Christmas Night)

"Helping" Daddy do some shopping.

Gingerbread house decorating (kit from Trader Joe's).

Peppermint Mocha while the kids play at the library.

So there you go, a few reasons that I've been too busy to post.  I'll be back at it soon.  I have a lovely rosemary french fry recipe to share and LOTS of vintage toys to show off.  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

The Little People have decorated their house with lights and wreaths this year.

They wish you a Merry Christmas!

May your day be Merry and Bright!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Luminaries

Christmas Eve - Age 5
My oldest daughter and I stumbled across the most beautiful scene last year on Christmas Eve.  A bunch of my neighbors had put up a couple hundred luminaries around one of the playgrounds in the middle of my neighborhood.  They were lovely and I'd never seen anything like it.

Turns out it is a tradition in my community that is growing every year.  We decided to get involved this year and so we helped set them up tonight in the park. We also bought supplies to put them in front of our house.  I thought I'd share the easy 1-2-3 directions in case you want to set some up yourself either tonight or perhaps for New Year's Eve.

It took 10 bags to cover the front of my house.  We used white lunch bags, sand and long-lasting candles.  First you fold the bag down once or twice.  Then put sand in the bottom and place the candle in the middle.  Make sure the wick is facing up.  Viola, a luminarie!  

After making the luminaries for our house we joined our neighbors in the park to set up the over 200 luminaries there!  All together our community (a few different neighborhoods) had over 2000 lit up tonight!  A bonus for the volunteers at our park were cookies and goodies to share after we finished setting up.  I love our neighborhood!

We lit the candles as the sun was setting (the candles last 12-15 hrs).  Then we went home to get the rest of the family.

Once it was dark out we filled up the wagon and went out as a family to admire the view.

The kids loved it, and a little playing at the park in the dark was fun too.

Christmas Eve 2013 - Age 6

Friday, December 20, 2013

Basic Fun Collectible Fisher Price Ornaments Series 2

I'm back this week with Series 2 of the Basic Fun Collectible Fisher Price Ornaments.  To see Series 1 look at lasts week's entry here.  Basic Fun introduced two sets of 6 ornaments, this second series was released in 2006.  You can find them for sale on eBay for around $9 - $40 each.  

Series 2 included:

Fisher-Price Toy Chest 
Christmas Mini Copter 
Chatter Phone Santa 
Little People Santa's Workshop 
Christmas Express 
Little People School Bus

I love love love this Fisher-Price Toy Chest ornament.  It is probably my favorite.  The tiny toy box sits on a red rug and is full of old toys.  Inside the box is a corn popper, wrapped present, stacking rings and Dr Duck.  Interestingly it's the same Dr Duck shown in the 2004 Basic Fun Santa and Dr Duck ornament.  I guess Santa was able to finish him between 2004 and 2006. ;)

As if the toys inside weren't cute enough there are two adorable tiny tiny Little People on the outside of the box too!  Also a red ornament.  To finish the details there is the vintage FP logo on the box lid and a Fisher-Price Toys, Inc written on the front of the box.

Next up another adorable tiny ornament the Christmas Mini Copter.  It is the same design as the full sized Mini Copter #448, but with different Christmas-themed characters flying and riding in the plane.

Santa is piloting the copter and has a reindeer and a elf along for the ride.  Also a bunch of presents of course!  The copter blades move around as do the wheels.  I'm giving my toddler the full size mini-copter toy for Christmas, how cute would it be to have this decorating the outside of the package?

Here we have yet another Chatter Telephone ornament, fashioned after the #747 Chatter Telephone.  This one is called the Chatter Phone Santa.  In case you are keeping track there are 4 different Chatter Phone ornaments out there all together (so far!).  But more on that farther down.  This Chatter Phone is wearing a Santa hat and has little snowflakes on the outside of the phone instead of stars.  The dial turns around but does not make a sound.

The back of the phone has a black cord and the old fashioned FP logo.  It is a happy little ornament.

Here are all 4 Chatter Phone ornaments.  From L to R: Basic Fun, Dept 56, Hallmark and Fisher Price.

Little People Santa's Workshop.  Complete with Santa checking his list and loading up his sleigh with toys.

The Christmas Express ornament has Santa driving the train with a big smile on his face.  Each side has the same lithograph.

Last but not least the adorable Little People School Bus.  It's the #192 School Bus all decked out for Christmas with garlands, holly berries and a big bow on the hood.  Also along the side of the bus instead of drawings of children it has drawings of toys and Christmas objects.

Inside the bus is driven by Santa and instead of kids there are 5 elves and a pile of presents.

Here is the Christmas bus next to the Hallmark School Bus ornament.

They're both very cute but the Hallmark one is a bit larger.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Zoo Lights

One of my favorite Christmas-time activities is going to ZooLights with my best friend and our kids!  We bundle up since it gets chilly at night around here (50's).  We love looking at all the lights!     

The kids got to chat with the talking giraffe.

And even got glow sticks and hot chocolate!  What more could a kid ask for?

This was my girl's first time to see Santa.  Our family doesn't believe in Santa but my oldest still wanted to have her photo taken with him this year.   My youngest had no idea who he was but he gave her a big candy cane so she went along with sitting on his lap.  When Santa asked my oldest what she wanted for Christmas she said an American Girl Doll.  Later she told me that she wished Santa was actually real so that she could get all the toys she wanted.

Don't we all baby girl, don't we all. :)

ZooLights are at the Phoenix Zoo through January 12th, so you still have time to check them out.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Basic Fun Fisher Price Collectable Ornaments Series 1

This shouldn't come as a surprise but I'm a tad bit obsessed with Fisher Price Ornaments.  I'm sure it's just a phase but right now I can't get enough!  Since Hallmark stopped producing vintage Fisher Price toy ornaments this year I was happy to find Dept 56 Fisher Price ornaments at Target.  I've also been collecting Basic Fun Fisher Price Collectible Ornaments.

I was given one last year and this year couldn't help but find the rest. :)  Thanks to a special fellow Fisher-Price loving friend I was able to complete my collection! There were two series of ornaments, today I'll introduce Series 1 which were released in 2004.

They included:

Candy Cane Corn Popper
Little People Toboggan
Santa and Dr. Duck
Snoop N Sniff Reindeer
Winky Blinky Fire Truck
Rock-A-Stack Snowman

Candy Cane Corn Popper
Little People Toboggan

Snoop n Sniff Reindeer
Santa and Dr Duck

Winky Blinky Firetruck

Rock a Stack Snowman

And to show a little side-by-side here are a few of the Hallmark Ornaments next to the Basic Fun Ornaments.

Snoop and Sniff Ornaments.  Hallmark is on the right.

Corn Popper Ornaments.  Hallmark is on the right.

Come back next week for Series 2!

For More on Hallmark Fisher Price Ornaments: 

2007 - See 'N Say 
2008 - Play Family Farm 
2008 - View-Master 
2009 - School Bus 
2009 - Chatter Telephone 
2010 - Play Family Fun Jet 
2010 - Zookeeper Says 
2010 - Play Family School 
2011 - Music Box Teaching Clock 
2011 - Play Family House 
2011 - Little People Lil' Movers Fire Truck (not a vintage toy) 
2011 - Snoop 'N Sniff - Limited quantity 
2012 - Corn Popper 
2012 - Two Tune TV