Friday, April 24, 2015

Fisher Price Friday - Meet Baby

Back in January I shared Meet Lucky, a Little People Books board book from the 1980s.  I had previously shared Meet Penny and Meet Timmy and I thought that was it.  After posting Meet Lucky I learned that there was another board book from the Little People Shape Books series.  Naturally I had to find this book and after some online searching (I used AddALL for used books) I found it.

So here you go, Meet Baby.  A Little People Books board book by Fisher-Price published in 1987.  This little book was the last of the series, the other books were published in 1986.

Meet baby is about the little bonnet wearing baby sister.  This book is hilarious because the baby is happy but causing trouble by making messes and generally wearing her family out.  Sounds about right. ;)

Unlike the prior books in this series I didn't recognize other familiar Fisher Price toys in the story.  The only familiar characters are the family members and dog Lucky.

Still a cute book and my youngest loves it!

Now I can say with confidence that I have all of the books from this series!

Other Books in the series include:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Prom Photos

So friends it's Prom season.  Now as a 30-something year old married woman of small children this should mean absolutely nothing to me.  Well except for sweetly nodding or admiring the Prom couples sitting near us while our family eats at the Olive Garden (true story).

However, I've been seeing the most fabulous (and by fabulous I mean cringe worthy) photos of old Prom photos popping up on Instagram and Facebook.  So naturally I want to share mine. :)

Let me set the stage.  May 1995 in a small town in the Northwest.  
The theme: "Hold on to the Night". (side note: this song was from 1987, my HS had a strange obsession with 70's and 80's music.  Other dance themes included "Back in Black" and "Jungle Love"). 
The venue: Local Golf Club  
My dress: Purchased on a family shopping excursion into downtown Seattle at Nordstrom (best day ever!!).  
My date: Obtained through my mother's help (let's just say the boys weren't knocking down my door).  He was lovely and polite.

Although I look very very pale (this was the NW) I still think it's a 
classic look. :)  Now my date's tie on the other hand, not-so much. Ha!

Lest you think I always looked timeless at my high school dances I will add the following photos to prove that I most definitely did not.  I hit a few of the early 90s trends with these beauties.


This one deserves a second look.  Oh yes, that is a bow right in front.  And you can't see it but I am wearing matching teal mules on my feet (tiny heels).

Ah those were the days. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Instagram Photo Books - Prinstagram vs Chatbooks

I joined Instagram back in the very end of 2012.  Like many women in my demographic (SAHM/30's) I find myself taking phone and or/iPad photos of my life almost every day.  My Instagram feed is predictably filled with photos of kids, coffee and food.  I will add however that I mix it up by adding photos of hot air balloons (and other desert scenery around here) and vintage Fisher Price.

These photos are naturally precious to me but I was becoming stressed at the amount as they added up in my ever growing account.  I wanted to start deleting (some of) them but needed to find a way to keep them forever and always first. ;)  

So I started investigating Instagram photo books.  I started with my go-to printing company Shutterfly but was unimpressed with their options.  They required far too much effort on my part to make a book, primarily because Shutterfly's program was unable to sort my photos by date taken.  The thought of manually figuring out the order of my many hundreds of photos (300+ at the time) was daunting to say the least, so I gave up on Shutterfly.


Next I went to Prinstagram, also known as Print Studio.  This company offers a variety of ways to print out instagram photos including two sizes of books (tiny! and 7x8.5), poster sheets, stickers, framed prints, calenders (with tiny tear off pages), t-shirts, magnets, cards, etc.  I ordered a hardbound "Photobook" that was 7 x 8.5 inches large.

Prinstagram had two main printing options.  1. 319 images in a book or 2. 38 images in a book. (for the 7 x 8.5 inch size).

At $25 a pop (plus s/h) it seemed like a better idea to go with the 319 image book.  Prinstagram uploaded my photos (you grant them permission to use the IG app) and placed them in a 38 page book in random sizes and placement.  

Pros - Book looks lovely, can fit 319 images.
Cons - Cost is higher than other books. You cannot select where to place the images in the book or what sizes they print.  And the most annoying; no hashtags, dates or entry words print on the pages. (note: photo labels/hashtags are available on the 38 image book).  You also have to use exactly 319 photos.

Because the book did not have any dates or hashtags I manually spent time after it arrived writing them in myself. 


Shortly after receiving my Prinstagram book I heard about Chatbooks.  Chatbooks are soft bound photo books that are printed on a subscription basis. Each book is 60 images and 60 pages.  Chatbooks will print a new book for each 60 photos you put on your IG account.  Basically you grant them access and when you get to 60 (new) photos they notify you that another book is ready to print/ship.  You can choose to opt out any photos as well as select the cover image for each volume.

Since I had hundreds of photos in my IG account already I had to option to print them all at once, or print them slowly (1+ a month).

All of this for only $6 a book (shipped).  They also have options to make more customizable books (30 to 365 pages), but I have not tried one of those yet.  A customizable book would be perfect for a grandparent gift, best friend (year in review perhaps) and of course a coffee table book on all your coffee drinks. Ha!  Perhaps I'll make one that just has my vintage Fisher Price toys in it.

Pros - Books are inexpensive, well printed, show hashtags/date and descriptions (no comments though).  They are a perfect size for little hands and easily replaceable if those same little hands wreck them. :)
Cons - None for me!

So clearly I am a Chatbooks fan.  To get your first book free just use the code above!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Fisher Price Friday - Key Chains Part II

Last year ago I shared my first vintage Fisher Price Little People key chain.  It was a little people cowboy figure adapted by FP to become a key chain.

Made in the late 70's and early 80's these key chains were produced from regular Fisher Price Little People figures as well as roosters, chickens and Sesame Street characters. Fisher Price passed them out at their Toy Fair, business meetings and promotional events.

I slowly added to my collection and now have a chicken, Bert and Ernie.  I've kept my eye on a few more but they often go for more than I'm willing to spend on eBay (or Etsy).

I've got to say, I get many comments from my key chain and it is a fun way to reminisce about the vintage toys of my youth. :)

Also, remember Basic Fun?  The company that made the adorable reproduction FP toys in Christmas Ornament form?  They also make key chains, and I have a couple so far.  They include toys like the popper, chatter phone and melody push chime.  They are still available online.  I'll share about those some other day. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Baskets - Totem Tree

In my house we do "Spring" baskets instead of Easter baskets.  It's just a way to separate the non-religious aspects of the Easter season from the important one.  

This year I was pretty under the weather but I had planned ahead and had what I think is a very cool Spring Basket gift for my girls!

Made by a company called Studio ROOF this beautiful "3D" art project is a Totem Tree.  The tree came in sheets and each piece was pushed out and then put together by the kids (with a little help from the parents).  We found this unique toy at For the People at the Union/Biltmore here in Phoenix. 

This spectacular little shop has the most interesting and amazing products.  It's basically a museum shop that isn't attached to a museum. :) 

Although the tree has instructions to follow for the basic trunk and branch assembly the kids were able to put the leaves, apples, birds, mushrooms and even a birdhouse on where they wanted.

Best spring basket gift yet!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Gotcha Gopher - Water Toy

This week's toy is stretching the "vintage" in Vintage Fisher Price Friday a bit.  It was made between 1995-1997 which is barely collectible (20 yrs +) let alone "vintage".  However, it is a toy no longer produced that is regularly seen for sale on eBay for exorbitant prices which means it works on here. :)

It's the Gotcha Gopher #2830 (1995) or #72830 (1996-97).  It is a water toy that works when hooked up to a garden hose.  It is adjustable of course by how high you choose to turn on your water.

Our Gotcha Gopher was a gift from my mother.  I believe she found him at a garage sale.

It is a simple sprinkler (out the base of the "flower pot") that has a fun surprise of a gopher popping out and turning around to shoot you with his own little hose.

The gopher pops up and down slowly on his own or you can make him go back down by pressing the white flower on top of him.

My girls love this toy.  It has a nice amount of water but also the element of surprise.  

And it's small enough that my oldest can successfully jump over it. :)

We already started using our Gotcha Gopher again in March, since the 90 degree + temps began early.  If you see one at a garage sale or eBay I highly recommend it, it's a fun and sturdy summer-time toy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dog Days

We are fortunate enough to have not one but two of these sweet little lap dogs.  Our Italian Greyhounds are miniature Greyhounds and weigh only 9 and 12 lbs each.

Our little dogs spend about 90% of their day sleeping.  In fact right now as I write this they are sleeping on and next to me. 

Our Iggie's excel at sleeping.  The sleep at the very bottom of our bed (under the covers of course) but will also sleep on us or near us when ever a possibility presents itself (and sometimes even when it doesn't).

Our doggies are often found near each other although they are not related, and are actually 10 years apart!  It took at least a year for them to warm up to each other but now they're good friends. 

But lest you think that they are angels, here is some proof that they still cause a little trouble. 

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Fisher Price Friday - Mini-Copter

We have had this sweet little toy around our house for awhile but I overlooked introducing it on Fisher Price Friday.  So today is the day. :)  The Mini Copter #448 was made between 1971-1984.  It's a lot smaller than the 1950's Happy Little Helicopter #498, but good things come in little packages. 

The Mini Copter is made out of wood with plastic wheels, propellers and a rear stabilizer.  The Mini Copter has a plastic cord and when pulled the toy makes a quiet whirring sound.  


The red plastic wheels wibble wobble as it moves.

The Mini Copter has lithographs all around.  The top/back is blue with a simple FP logo and the toy number.  The front has an adorable little boy pilot wearing a red cap, black headphones and an orange top.  He appears to be happy by the way. :)

The left side shows a blond haired passenger (with pig tails) and the right side has a brown dog with his paws up against the window looking out.  Both of them look happy too!

I am not aware of any variations to this toy over the 14 years that it was produced.

Now, have you seen the adorable Basic Fun Christmas Ornament version of the Mini-Copter?  Just like the big version but with Santa and his Elves on board!  For more information go here.

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