Friday, January 30, 2015

Fisher Price Friday - Goldilocks and Three Bears Playhouse

Today on Fisher Price Friday I'd love to share one of my new favorite Fisher Price sets.  Made between 1967-1971 Goldilocks and Three Bears Playhouse #151 is a lovely little set.  It of course is the familiar children's story about Goldilocks visiting the Bear Family but it also has other fun features like a shape sorter and various clacking/clicking sounds.

The plastic and wooden house base included 4 figures and a plastic key attached by a cord.  The figures are the three bears (Papa, Mama and baby) as well as Goldilocks.  Goldilocks is the same little girl FP piece used in many other FP sets but the bears were exclusive.  

The have shaped bases (triangle, circle and square) that fit in the shape sorter roof as well as on lithograph spaces inside the house.  The pieces had wooden bases and plastic heads, except for Goldilocks which came in a wood/plastic or wood/wood combo depending on the year.

Each side of the house is covered in lithographs.  These lithographs are often torn and worn due to age.  Fortunately mine are still intact and bright.  

The shape sorter side of the roof has a square, triangle and circle hole for each of the bears to fit in.  They can also fit in the chimney on top.

The lock/key side of the roof has a space for the big yellow plastic key to fit in.  When you turn the key around it makes a clicking sound!  This side of the roof is the one that lifts up to show the inside of the playhouse.

One end of the playhouse has the sweet "face".  With big blue eyes, bushy eyebrows, a red button nose, rosy cheeks and a slight smile this is a very pleasant house indeed.  When the yellow (key) cord is pulled the house makes a ding sound and the eyes move up and down.

The opposite side has the front door with a welcome mat and a garden of flowers on each side.  You can also see the little green wooden porch base.

This set is just the right size for my little 3 1/2 year old.

Now to move inside the house.  There is one room with a built in table and lithographs on the floor, one wall and the table top.  The wall lithograph shows the Bear's bedroom, a broken chair (baby's) and a picture of "Paw".

The table is set just as the Bear Family left it and after Goldilocks helped herself to Baby's portion.

The Bears each have their own shape to rest on that matches their color/shape as well as the color of the bowls on the table.

My daughter loves this set, so fun to be able to act out the original story as well as other imaginative (and a little noisy) play. :)

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