Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Prom Photos

So friends it's Prom season.  Now as a 30-something year old married woman of small children this should mean absolutely nothing to me.  Well except for sweetly nodding or admiring the Prom couples sitting near us while our family eats at the Olive Garden (true story).

However, I've been seeing the most fabulous (and by fabulous I mean cringe worthy) photos of old Prom photos popping up on Instagram and Facebook.  So naturally I want to share mine. :)

Let me set the stage.  May 1995 in a small town in the Northwest.  
The theme: "Hold on to the Night". (side note: this song was from 1987, my HS had a strange obsession with 70's and 80's music.  Other dance themes included "Back in Black" and "Jungle Love"). 
The venue: Local Golf Club  
My dress: Purchased on a family shopping excursion into downtown Seattle at Nordstrom (best day ever!!).  
My date: Obtained through my mother's help (let's just say the boys weren't knocking down my door).  He was lovely and polite.

Although I look very very pale (this was the NW) I still think it's a 
classic look. :)  Now my date's tie on the other hand, not-so much. Ha!

Lest you think I always looked timeless at my high school dances I will add the following photos to prove that I most definitely did not.  I hit a few of the early 90s trends with these beauties.


This one deserves a second look.  Oh yes, that is a bow right in front.  And you can't see it but I am wearing matching teal mules on my feet (tiny heels).

Ah those were the days. 


  1. Clara says that your dresses are beautiful.

    1. Aww, thank her for me! I love that you knew me way-back-when I was wearing those dresses!! :)