Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dog Days

We are fortunate enough to have not one but two of these sweet little lap dogs.  Our Italian Greyhounds are miniature Greyhounds and weigh only 9 and 12 lbs each.

Our little dogs spend about 90% of their day sleeping.  In fact right now as I write this they are sleeping on and next to me. 

Our Iggie's excel at sleeping.  The sleep at the very bottom of our bed (under the covers of course) but will also sleep on us or near us when ever a possibility presents itself (and sometimes even when it doesn't).

Our doggies are often found near each other although they are not related, and are actually 10 years apart!  It took at least a year for them to warm up to each other but now they're good friends. 

But lest you think that they are angels, here is some proof that they still cause a little trouble. 

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