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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Semi-Wordless Wednesday - Puppy Days

We're in puppy land around here.  

Our big 8 year old Italian Greyhound is getting to know his new little sister.

Our big 4 year old is getting to know her too.

So far so good.

But something is wrong with this picture. ;)

Despite the semi-sleepless nights we're all getting along just fine.  It's hard to be irritated at potty mishaps or crying when you look into those beautiful steel-blue eyes.


  1. It's smart that you kennel your girls. Don't want them tearing up the house, after all.

  2. Are her eyes still blue?

    1. No, as she got older her eyes changed to a lovely light brown. The same color as her coat. Those blue were amazing though weren't they!

    2. Very cute, I love the Italian greyhounds liquid eyes.

  3. They are sooo sweet..alll your girls:)!
    May I ask you few question about your italian greyhounds? I fell in love with these dogs and would love to get one BUT 9 out of 10 articles about them say that they are VERY fragile (broken bones injuries), not suitable for families with little children and suffer very often from separation anxiety...and nearly impossible to housebreak?
    We have two little children 2 and 4 years old...but they are nice to animals.
    From your pictures the dogs and the children look very happy together... I think that if you treat dog well and dont put a puppy to high places where he cant get on his own then he wont hurt himself jumping off..?

    1. I'm happy to answer your questions! We got our first IG years before we had kids, so he was treated like a little baby. :) We intentionally exposed him to a variety of different people (ages) and situations so that he'd be socialized. He did just fine when we added our first daughter. With our second IG we got her when our 2nd daughter was 1 year old. It was a little crazy taking care of a baby and a puppy at the same time but she was so sweet.

      Our first IG is now a little grumpy (he's 9 years old) and we watch him closely with the kids. Mostly he stays away from them. Our puppy is fabulous with kids, so gentle and patient. She lets the toddler hug her. I say its a combination of training your kids and your dogs to be gentle with each other.

      As for the legs, yes they are very fragile and we are careful about that. We live in a one story house as steps can be dangerous (they like to run up and down). We've never had a break with either dog and the highest they go up is the furniture (bed, couches).

      IGs are lovely animals and let me know if you have any more questions!