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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Traveling with gDiaper (cloth) Review

During our recent road-trip to Zion National Park I brought along a new cloth diaper to try out, the gDiaper.  The gDiaper setup is a cloth cover with a snap in plastic liner.  In this liner you stuff either a cloth insert or disposable (and sort-of flushable) liners.  I received 2 gPant covers with liners and a whole pack of disposable liners from a friend.  I thought a road trip would be the perfect time to give them a whirl.  Normally I (reluctantly) switch to disposable diapers during trips, since laundry while travel can be a bit iffy at best.  So this time I did a pack of disposables and the gDiaper cover w/disposable liners.

So what did I think?

The cover: super cute, flexible and looked comfortable for my baby girl (she wore a medium at 17 lbs).  I did have a bit of a learning curve as I put it on backwards at first, whoops.  It resembles my other covers but the velcro goes in the back instead of the front.  It still worked though!  It dries quick and is breathable.  The covers come in a variety of colors and they are also sized (sm, med or large).

Baby-Girl rocking the orange gDiaper cover on backwards.

The inserts: They are huge!  To be honest they reminded me a bit of those pads you use PP.  Ha!  That said they were absorbent and worked well for all-night wetting.  I can't imagine flushing them though!  I've read that you need to break them up well before flushing and I'm not interested in that much contact with a used diaper. :)  I love that they are biodegradable and are made without so many of the harsh chemicals present in regular diapers.

The snap in liner: Great!  Easy to snap in and out.  Easy to clean and hand wash.

Overall I think the gDiaper is a great travel system.  Unless...your child gets the runs.  Which mine did.  For almost the ENTIRE trip.  Then this system is not-so-great.  Let's just say you'd need a lot of covers to make it work, even with easy hand washing.  Since I only had two I was very grateful for that pack of disposable diapers I'd also brought.  In fact, about 1/2 the way thru the trip I gave up on the gDiapers and ended up buying more disposables.  Sigh.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend gDiaper as a part of your usual diaper stash (and travel stash), but make sure you have some other options for the times your baby has the runs. :)

Where to get them: All over the internet and in some stores like BRU.  I recommend buying from ecomom, they have great customer service.  
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