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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Baskets - Totem Tree

In my house we do "Spring" baskets instead of Easter baskets.  It's just a way to separate the non-religious aspects of the Easter season from the important one.  

This year I was pretty under the weather but I had planned ahead and had what I think is a very cool Spring Basket gift for my girls!

Made by a company called Studio ROOF this beautiful "3D" art project is a Totem Tree.  The tree came in sheets and each piece was pushed out and then put together by the kids (with a little help from the parents).  We found this unique toy at For the People at the Union/Biltmore here in Phoenix. 

This spectacular little shop has the most interesting and amazing products.  It's basically a museum shop that isn't attached to a museum. :) 

Although the tree has instructions to follow for the basic trunk and branch assembly the kids were able to put the leaves, apples, birds, mushrooms and even a birdhouse on where they wanted.

Best spring basket gift yet!

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