Friday, April 10, 2015

Gotcha Gopher - Water Toy

This week's toy is stretching the "vintage" in Vintage Fisher Price Friday a bit.  It was made between 1995-1997 which is barely collectible (20 yrs +) let alone "vintage".  However, it is a toy no longer produced that is regularly seen for sale on eBay for exorbitant prices which means it works on here. :)

It's the Gotcha Gopher #2830 (1995) or #72830 (1996-97).  It is a water toy that works when hooked up to a garden hose.  It is adjustable of course by how high you choose to turn on your water.

Our Gotcha Gopher was a gift from my mother.  I believe she found him at a garage sale.

It is a simple sprinkler (out the base of the "flower pot") that has a fun surprise of a gopher popping out and turning around to shoot you with his own little hose.

The gopher pops up and down slowly on his own or you can make him go back down by pressing the white flower on top of him.

My girls love this toy.  It has a nice amount of water but also the element of surprise.  

And it's small enough that my oldest can successfully jump over it. :)

We already started using our Gotcha Gopher again in March, since the 90 degree + temps began early.  If you see one at a garage sale or eBay I highly recommend it, it's a fun and sturdy summer-time toy!


  1. well considering it snowed here yesterday, I doubt we will be using a sprinkler any time soon but that one looks like fun

    1. Ha! Hope some sun comes your way soon. :)

  2. Hi Anne!
    Here is a hello from Denmark ! I have been visiting your blog for some time, and i wanted to tell you how much i appriciate it !!
    Me and my youngest daugther, now 14, are totally in love with your "FisherPrice Fridays" and your girls!
    I have always been of that opinion that toys are so underappreciated, which i ve found confirmed during my years being a preschoolteacher. Now i am about to become a grandmother and have so much fun in garage sales, trying to make a nice play-able collection of vintage toys.
    You are so helpful and entertaining !
    In Denmark, home of Lego and neighbour to Sweden (Brio and lundby dollhouse) , not many are aware of the quality of FP , my husband however, spent some young years in DC, so we started out with bying the masonite based schoolhouse for 10 dollar. Now we are all looking forward to have "a rare collection", fun to play with, while everybody else here is collecting Lego.I sincerely hope that you will find cheering crowds to your writing skills.Kind regards, Charlotte

    1. Hello Charlotte, your kind words made my day! I am so glad that you are enjoying the blog and photos of our toys. :) It feels like I have less to blog about lately so it is wonderful to hear that people still want to see us!

      I'm happy to ship toys to Denmark so if you ever need something or see something in my shop let me know and I'll let you know what it would cost.

      Happy hunting!