Friday, January 24, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Jolly Jalopy

Today on Fisher Price Friday I'd love to present a happy clown pull toy.  He's the Jolly Jalopy #724 made between 1965-1978.  As creepy clowns go he's not so bad, he has a relatively harmless smile although his bobbing head is a bit creepy. ;)  He has a plastic pull in the front and the jalopy makes a putt-putt sound and the wheels wobble when pulled.

The Jalopy is wood with lithographs all around.  Each side is the same.  The clown has a wood head, hat and nose.  The jalopy has plastic wheels, convertible top (it's folded down in the back), windshield and grille.

The front of the jalopy has a grille, fp logo and two headlights.  The back of the jalopy has the fp logo and the toy number.  Also little taillights (on the lithograph).

There were a few variations to this cute clown face.  He could have star eyes (more creepy), angry eyes with sharp brows (super creepy), a red mouth (with black outline) or a black mouth without an outline.  This version is my favorite.

He may be a happy clown but he's still a clown so I'll be selling this one in my Etsy shop. :)

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