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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I hopped on the Kombucha train

I finally worked up enough bravery to try Kombucha.  Do you know what it is?  It's basically fermented tea and it's been around for over 2000 years but is just recently taking off in popularity here in the US.

I'd seen it in stores, read a bit about it and watched my BFF drink it but took awhile to actually try it.  I was put off by the fact that it is fermented, alive and has bits floating around that resemble some sort of a fungus (not actually a mushroom).  However, I finally gave in after reading about the many nutritional qualities the primary being that it's a probiotic.  Probiotics help with digestion and producing nutrients.  Other Kombucha claims (not proven yet) include: immunity boosting and illness fighting (everything from cancer to baldness).  Now I'm not saying it's a miracle drink, but I figured the probiotic benefit alone was worth giving it a try.

I bought 3 flavors to start, all recommended by my BFF.  The bottles are 2 servings so the first time I poured the Citrus flavor into a glass (keeping the slimy stuff safely in the bottle) and bravely took a sip.  Much to my surprise it actually tasted good!  Like a ginger ale/orange soda combo.  It has the fizz of soda and the crispness of ginger ale.  It smells a bit like vinegar.

The next flavor I tried was the Lavender and I liked that one just as well.  Hooray!  I was a little braver with that bottle and actually drank some of the sludge from the bottom.  It was just fine.  Last but not least is the Gingerberry flavor which I am drinking this very minute.  It has a lovely pink color but of the three is my least favorite flavor.

So how did I feel?  I thought that it worked as a probiotic and I had much more energy than if I'd had a typical soda or fizzy juice drink.  At over $3 a bottle I'm not sure if I want to drink it everyday but I can see how people would choose it over say, Starbucks for an afternoon pick-me-up.

I'd love to learn to make my own Kombucha and perhaps that will be my next do-it-yourself adventure.  Anyone have a scoby starter I could have a "baby" from? ;)

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