Monday, January 6, 2014

Downton Abbey is back - Is anyone still watching?

Season 4 of the acclaimed PBS show Downton Abbey returned last night.  But here's the question, is anyone still watching?

As you may know I was a big fan of the show, up until the end of Season 3 when it became "Downer" Abbey to me after so many sad-sad story lines.  There are only so many main characters that you can kill off in a series and still make it watchable in-my-opinion (unless it's a soap opera or Grey's Anatomy). was with much reluctance that I watched the first episode of Season 4 last night.  And.....I liked it.  I went on to watch the 2nd episode (you can find them online since they showed in the UK months ago) and it was even better than the 1st.  If you haven't seen the first episode you can watch it here on PBS. 

Shocking but I think they may be able to pull this off.  

So for now I tentatively remain a Downton Abbey fan.  How about you?  Which new characters do you like or not-like?  

And most importantly, did the show make you want to drink more tea? ;)

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