Friday, January 31, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Drive-In Movie Theater

Today on Fisher Price Friday we're off to the movies.  But not just any movie theater, it's a drive-in!  I don't know about your family but we LOVE the drive-in.  I find it to be less expensive and stressful than a traditional movie theater, at least with little kids.  So my girls love playing with this set, it's a familiar location. :)

The Drive-In Movie Theater #2454 was made only in 1990.  There were three little sets produced that year that went together: Drive-In Movie Theater, Beauty Salon #2453 and Gas Station #2455.  They were sold individually or as a group in the #2357 Little Village Assortment.  

The Drive-In has only 3 pieces; the base, car and a person.  The car is a yellow one seater and is either all yellow (as shown) or a white/yellow combination.  The boy has black molded hair and a blue body and is either Caucasian or African-American.

The base of the drive-in includes a ticket/refreshment counter, drive through base and of course the movie screen.  The picture on the theater screen changes by turning the red dial on the top.

There are pictures of beach scenes and lots of happy kids and adults playing in the water.

The backside of the theater has a large lithograph of stars, movie film and spotlights.  The ticket counter has a small lithograph of stickers.

The sets have pegs and holes on each side so that they can connect (as shown above).  

For more information on the Beauty Salon #2453 go here.

ETA: Here are all 3 sets!  The #2455 Gas Station, #2454 Drive-In Movie and the #2453 Beauty Salon.

Have a great weekend and if you're in the Phoenix area check out our local drive-in!

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