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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

AZ Science Center - Imagination Playground Exhibit

We visited the Imagination Playground (temporary) exhibit at the Arizona Science Center recently.  I only wished that we'd gone sooner!  It is a super-fun exhibit with lots of ways for kids to use their imaginations and little hands to create!

The best part (for my 6 year old) was the creation station.  They had tables set up with cold glue guns (safer than the regular ones), scissors, tape and lots of different materials to use.  The kids could "create" whatever they wanted.  It's a crafty-kid's dream come true!

There were also sound/movement stations, paper airplane test flight area and even places to make widgets!  Let's just say there were many places and things to explore and it provided a morning of fun for a 6 year old, almost 4 year old and even two 2 year olds!

My favorite part was the video face wall. Oh my this made us laugh.  You can see why!

We had a great time, go check it out before it leaves January 5th!

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