Friday, December 21, 2012

Fisher Price Friday - The last of the Hallmark Ornaments

Today on Fisher Price Friday I'd like to show the final three Hallmark Fisher Price ornaments.  I started my collection just last year (I'd somehow missed that Hallmark had been making them since 2007!) and was able to get the last of the 14 this month, just in time to decorate my tree.

From L to R:

2010 - Zookeeper Says
2008 - Play Family Farm
2011 - Snoop 'N Sniff

First up was my white-whale the Play Family Farm from 2008.  This was the second Fisher Price ornament Hallmark made and is currently the most expensive to buy on the resale market.  They go for around $80-$100 online, a bit cheaper without the original box.  If you're patient you may find a good deal (I got mine on Amazon) but keep looking because the prices are going up and up on this one.

The barn has doors that open, and just like the original the left door "moos".  The loft doors are permanently open and show a rooster and a hen inside.

Outside the silo there is a black pig hiding behind a fence post.

Here is the ornament next to the big #915 Play Family Farm.  Note that my silo is not from the #915 but from the newer #2555 (the size/shape is the same but the lithographs differ).  Otherwise the pieces are the same as the ornament including the little black pig.

The top of the ornament has the same lithograph as the big one, happy farmer and all.

Inside the barn is the farmer, a wife and a white and brown cow.  Note that the farmer's wife in the ornament (and I replicated in the big one) is not original to the farm.  She should have a white bun not a yellow ponytail.  Otherwise it's the same down to the farmer's red cowboy hat and yellow scarf.  Isn't it a beauty?  Ah, my new favorite ornament!

Next up is The Zoo Keeper Says.  The original See n Say toys were made by the Mattel company starting in the 1960's.  Mattel merged with Fisher Price in the 90's so current See n Says are made under the Fisher Price name.  

I don't know much about the See n Say toys but this little ornament works when you pull the tiny string. Whatever animal it was pointing too makes that sound.  This toy has become my daughter's favorite to play with.  I often hear wild animal sounds around the house as a result.

Last but not least is the Snoop 'n Sniff from 2011.  This ornament was released in a limited quantity.  There were two other ornaments released in 2011 as well (Play Family House/Lil' Movers Fire Truck).  For some reason I decided that I didn't need the Snoop 'n Sniff last year, a decision I regretted this year!  Fortunately a fellow FP friend sold it to me so that I could complete my collection.

I don't have a full size Snoop 'n Sniff, our only dog is the Snoopy #693.  The ornament is the little version of the #181 Snoopy Sniffer made from 1961-1980.  It has legs that move up and down when you push it.  The little ears are leather-looking.

The top of the dog has a tiny little FP logo.

The tail is made out of a tiny little metal coil just like the big one.  I love how he seems to be watching you no matter which way you put him.

So there you have it, I've shared all 14 Hallmark Fisher Price ornaments.  I hope you've enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoy having them!  For prior entires look hereherehere and here.

Merry Christmas

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