Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Real Downton Abbey

As I've written in the past I am a fan of the series Downton Abbey.  I consider myself a true fan because I stuck with the show even after they insisted on killing off two major characters. ;)

If you are a fan too then about now you are anxious for the next season to start.  They are about to premier Season 5 in the UK, which means we'll have to wait until January 2015 for it to make it across the pond to us.  Unless of course you find the UK shows online, which is what I do! (premiers Sept 21st btw).

I have a quick PBS movie to help you bide the time until the next season begins.  It's a behind the scenes documentary about Downton Abbey, which in real life is known as Highclere Castle.  It's a real Castle with a real earl and countess living inside.  

They show the castle, discuss it's history and also talk quite a bit about the Downton Abbey series and other commercial endeavors that help pay for the rather large Castle costs.  Let's just say all the staff and building upkeep do not come cheap!

It's a lovely little movie and can be found on Netflix or youtube.

Anyone else craving a spot of tea after all this Downton talk?

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