Thursday, August 25, 2016

Observations of a Part Time Stay-At-Home-Mom

My job changed quite a bit when school started this month.  I went from a full-time Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) to a part-time not quite sure what to do with the rest of her day SAHM.  It feels a little like I was laid off from my job...and I miss it.  

I'm still figuring out what to do long term as I have options, you know, with my Master's Degree and all that. :)

Here are some of my observations as my day-to-day has dramatically changed.

1. I still cry (sometimes) at carpool drop off.  We're only 3 weeks in and I am getting stronger, but it is still hard walking back to my van from the Kindergarten room all alone.  I notice other parents with this reaction, so I know I'm not alone.  I never cried in prior years with my older child by the way, not because I missed her any less, but because my life was full with her little sister.

2. Carpool lane is a no-go.  This one has taken a little effort to remember, I'm so used to flying by in the left hand lane until 9am and after 3pm.  Not. Any. More.  Those were the days.

3. At the grocery store I can use the small non-child seat cart.  I can also get through MUCH quicker.  And.....I talk to myself out loud.  Does anyone else do this?  I am literally narrating my shopping TO MYSELF.  Sigh.

4. I also have an overwhelming urge to tell moms out in public with adorable cooing babies, crying/tantruming toddlers and precociously verbal pre-schoolers to enjoy these moments, because they go so so fast.  But don't worry, I hold my tongue because I remember those days and how super annoying it was when a put together (ie clean clothes and had clearly showered) woman was telling me the same thing. 

5. I can fill an entire day between carpool drop off and pickup doing errands and random things around my house. Who knew?

6. I can listen to grown-up music in the car.  You know, the ones with bad words that you don't want to explain to your rather inquisitive and perceptive child(ren).

7. I don't feel the same struggle between deciding whether to go to bed or stay up to have "me-time" since I have me-time during the day.  Therefore I'm more rested....which makes....

8. Getting up in the morning not as challenging.  I don't find myself pressing snooze as much.  More time getting us all ready in the morning means we aren't rushing out the door and I'm not having to yell at everyone!  Amazing.

9. And last but not least I am finally getting to those items on my really long to-do list that I never had the time or energy to get to before.  Items like backing up photos on an external hard drive (umm, I have just a few, ha!), making photo books for the girls (I do one every year but am about 2 years behind) and a bunch of other items.   

But to be completely honest I am also sad, because as much as I craved some time to myself I still loved my job as a full time SAHM.  I know that their growing up and becoming independent is basically the goal and inevitable, and that I can't keep having babies just to keep my full-time status (although I get why some moms do!!), but it is still a transition and I was unprepared for how different my days would be.

How much longer until summer break? ;)

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