Friday, August 19, 2016

Fisher Price Friday - Marvin's Invention: A Story Book

We're back to school here in Arizona so in the spirit of learning I have another Fisher Price Little People Book to share with you.  It is Marvin's Invention by Dina Anastasio published in 1987 by Marvel Books.

This fun little book is full of familiar Little People faces including Timmy, Penny, baby (with a hat) and of course Lucky (the dog).  Cousin Marvin looks familiar too, he resembles the little brown hair/glasses wearing girl from the Little People School #2550.  Perhaps that's his sister. :)

The story is about cousin Marvin coming for a visit and the havoc he caused while creating an invention in their home.  He takes pieces and parts from all over their home in order to create his super cool bubble blowing, music making, rolling robot.

Usually the Fisher Price books throw in a few familiar old toys within the pages.  This book did not have as many but I did notice the Baby's First Blocks #414.

Another familiar FP toy shown in the book on a few pages is a Puffalump toy.  We haven't collected any of these in our family but they were soft, stuffed, feather-light dolls or animals made of parachute-type materials.  They were introduced in the 1980s and came in a variety of sizes.  

They are shown in the book as toys on Timmy's bed and characters in the movie the family watched (seen driving the car in the page above).

Of course the book ends on a happy note with the family seeing all the missing objects on the invention Marvin made.  And although they take everything back Marvin does not mind and goes back to creating.

This particular book is a hit at my house because both of my girls are constantly "inventing" usually by taking things from our recycling bin or from around the house.  They can absolutely relate with this little guy.

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