Friday, June 20, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Things to Make

It's been awhile since I've shared a vintage Fisher Price book.  With summer in full swing and my kids home looking for things to do this book Things to Make is perfect.  It is a Fisher-Price Activity Book published by Random House in 1978.  Things to Make was written by Peggy R Greene and Illustrated by Bill Dugan.

It is a sweet little book full of wait for it....things for kids to make.  Ha!  The 32 page paperback book has crafts, art projects and art tips.  

They include: 

How to Trace
Cardboard Carton Toys (bucking bronco, carton train)
Noodle Jewelry (a classic!!)

Rock Art (published in 1978 after all!)
Paper Playthings (sailor hat, helmet, whirlybird, spinning top, pinwheel and paper plane)
Paper Plate Plaques
Holiday Trimmings (paper chains, pomander balls, flag chains and aluminum balls)
Cookie Patterns (rocking horse, gingerbread man)
Egg Heads (funny, bunny and humpty dumpty)
Egg Carton Creatures (monster and crocodile)
Covered Cans and Boxes (paper covered can, ribbon covered can, and covered boxes)
Clay Play (hand prints, turtle, porcupine pencil holder (you NEED this, ha!!) and candle holder
Paper Bag Masks
Hand Puppets
Yarn Weaving (another 70/80's classic)

How fun do those sound?  I didn't want to read this book (out loud) but I had to share the cute pages.  My 6 year old helped turn the pages and I've got a fun vintage Sesame Street record playing in the background (on my Fisher Price Phonograph #825) for mood music.  Enjoy!

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