Friday, May 16, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Phonograph

My little ones started our day playing records so I thought I'd share our toy with you today on Fisher Price Friday.  The Fisher Price Phonograph #825 was made between 1979-1989.  It is made of lightweight plastic and comes with its own built in carrying case.

The phonograph is made of a very 1970's appropriate tan, orange and beige combo.  The 1985-1989 version was a very 1980's appropriate white and blue combo.

The phonograph can play either 33 or 45 records.  You change between the speeds with a sliding switch.

We've been collecting records from antique and secondhand stores.  Not all records are equal as my girls have learned, many skip and require a little help to keep playing.

It has a volume control slide and 4 inch built in speakers for not-so-bad sound. ;)

The phonograph plays with a needle, which is the tricky part to these older toys.  The needles eventually need to be replaced and finding one can be a challenge.  Fortunately our phonograph came with a working needle!

The bottom of the case has a space to wind and store the power cord.  It also has the Fisher Price identification and toy number.


Happy Playing!

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