Friday, May 23, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - My Pretty Purse

All dressed up and ready to go out with her My Pretty Purse #128.  This child version of mommy's purse was made from 1982-1989.  I have vivid memories of playing with the lipstick tube that comes inside, so one of my friends must have had one!  It is designed for children from 3-7 years old but don't tell my 2 year old that she's too young, this is one of her favorite toys!  

This bright and colorful purse comes all over the place with us. :)

My Pretty Purse came with a key ring, lipstick tube, compact with puff and a comb.  I am missing the comb and puff but the other pieces are original.  

The compact has a mirror inside and a realistic looking "powder".  The plastic compact has a circle of flowers on the top and "Made in Hong Kong" printed on the bottom.  Inside it has a real mirror!  Ah, the 80's!  You wouldn't see that in a toy today!


The later version of My Pretty Purse (#2019) from the early 90s had a similar compact but in pink.

The adorable key ring is made of plastic and has a lithograph of a little girl on one side.  There are two versions, one yellow (as seen) and it can also be pink (with the same lithograph).  Attached to the key ring are two keys.  They have the FP logo on one side and are pink and yellow.

The lipstick is my daughter's favorite piece!  This amuses me since I don't even wear lipstick. :)  It has two pieces, the lid and the base with retractable lipstick, just like a real tube!  However this one is made of hard plastic and doesn't make a mess.  The top of the lipstick tube has a heart flower (heart with two leaves).

The yellow purse is made of vinyl with a white plastic handle that snaps shut.  The handle has Fisher-Price printed on it as well as flowers.  There is a cloth patch on the front with a flower, hearts and leaves.  

The piece that I am missing (besides the oval puff) is a blue plastic comb.  The comb had a flower and heart shaped leaves imprinted on it and 18 teeth.  I'm on the look out for one so let me know if you have any extras.  In the meantime my girls use their own comb and they usually stuff in other goodies like necklaces and sunglasses.

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