Friday, June 6, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Farm Friends

I have another mini-farm set to share with you today.  Fisher Price produced quite a few accessory sets for their popular #915 Play Family Farm.  This little 5 piece set was made from 1983-1984 and includes some familiar pieces.  It could be played with alone or with the classic Family Farm.  In 1985 they switched the number to #2448 and added one piece (a burlap feed bag).

The pieces included a tractor, cart, farmer, dog and a red rooster.

The tractor is the same size as the original #915 tractor, but is green and yellow instead of red and yellow.  The tractor has lithographs on each side of the engine with three colored dots (red, yellow and blue.  The wheels are yellow with green rivets.

The tractor has a yellow cart with black wheels and green axles.  Like many Fisher Price sets there are variations to the color combos, for example the tractor could be yellow with green wheels and the cart green with yellow axles.

The farmer has a blue body with yellow hat and yellow scarf.  There was also an orange scarf variation as pictured.  The orange scarf man was the farmer for the #2448 version. 

Lucky the dog has a red collar with lines.  Next to him is a red rooster.  The rooster has a square hole in it's base and the words "Made In China" (on the bottom).

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