Friday, June 28, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Barnyard Friends

I've got another farm set for you today on Fisher Price Friday.  It's the Play Family Farm Barnyard Friends #117.  Made from 1972-1974.  This set was designed to accompany the Play Family Farm #915 or by itself.  The fourteen piece set included seven animals, six fence sections and a watering trough.

The animals included a horse, sheep, cow, brown dog, black pig (with white or black ears), red rooster (with red or black tail feathers and a chicken.

According to some sources the jointed animals could have either hex-bellies (screws as shown in the photo) or the newer smooth bellies.  Other sources say that they were only hex-bellies.

The six fence sections should be the original "knife whittled" versions as seen on the left.  The newer smooth versions are on the right.

Here is a closer view.  On the right is the older version, the left the newer.

It's the largest of the farm accompanying sets and a perfect addition to the Play Family Farm.  Did you have one as a child?

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