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Friday, June 21, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Jetport

Today I'd like to revisit the Play Family Jetport #933.  I posted about the jetport awhile back but it wasn't the complete set, or even all the correct pieces so I'd like to try again. :)  The Jetport was made from 1981-1985 and was the follow-up after the older original Airport #996 was discontinued.  The Jetport was much smaller than the Airport but had many of the same accessory pieces.

The Jetport base came with an airplane, helicopter, airport tram, car, airport furniture, luggage and people.

There were 7 people in this set, which is quite a lot!  The set included a boy, girl, mom, dad, stewardess and two (short) pilots.  Many of them were exclusives or rare, such as the yellow boy who is only in one other set (#170 Change a tune Carousel).  The stewardess, short AA pilot and the tan man were only made for this set.  Note that the pieces should be all plastic, the pilot on the left is the wood version from the Airport.

The accessory vehicles included a 2 seat car with a spot for a suitcase in the back.  The car could also be white on the top and green on the bottom and may or may not be marked with "Fisher Price Toys" on the tires.

The service train included a streamlined 3 vehicles in this set (4 is the Airport); the truck, luggage car and fuel tank.  The 1981 version included a yellow truck with blue bottom, yellow tank on a blue base and a blue luggage car (as shown in the photo).  Other years had different blue/yellow combinations.  They were always blue and yellow for the Jetport, unlike the orange/yellow Airport combinations.  The baggage car carries two pieces of luggage, the brown suitcase and the blue hatbox.

The front of the Jetport base has lithographs of signs, flower beds and an airport control tower.  There is a red parking gate that moves up and down to block traffic on the front driveway.  The top of the control tower has a red radar dish that moves when you turn the red knob around (on the roof deck).  The helicopter's propellers move around at the same time.

The airport is controlled by a dog and two children.  Watch out!

The back of the base has an attached ladder (to the control tower), a lithograph of the back of the boy directing air traffic and a gas pump.  The gas pump works in the helicopter, plane, truck and the car.


Inside the lobby there are lithographs of a gift shop on one side and bathroom doors (men and women - see the cute little people figures on the doors) and a drinking fountain.  Note the vintage toys on the gift shop shelves (jet plane and stacking rings).   Each end of the lobby has a boarding gate for planes.  Four brown chairs and two orange coffee tables are included.  The chairs could be all three brown color variations (light/medium or dark brown) with a triangle in the back except for the first edition which was medium brown with a dot on the back.

Hope you enjoyed the Jetport tour, happy travels!

For more airplane fun check out the Airport #996 Jet and the Airport #996.


  1. This is a set I always wanted as kid in the 80's. I love the "Magical Rainbow Castle" poster by the bathrooms..is it enticing you to go to California or Florida? Maybe Bavaria? -Scott KC

  2. I remember a different kind of jetport- unless it was an airport? I don't remember much about it.