Friday, June 14, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Circus Clowns

The circus has come to town today on Fisher Price Friday.  Well at least the Circus Clowns #675 set made from 1984-1990.  These clowns came in a pack of 3 and were designed to be played with alone or with the Crazy Clown Fire Brigade #657 or the Circus Train #991.

From 1984-1988 the set included a purple clown, lime green clown and a orange clown (note he should have a blue scarf for this set).  All three of these pieces were exclusive to this set.  They even had names: Chuckles, Jiffy and Smiley (L to R).

From 1989-1990 the set included a red clown (light or dark red), lime green clown and a orange clown (with the yellow scarf as shown).  So basically they just switched out the purple clown for a red one this year.  Note that the red clown is not exclusive to this set, it was also in the #991 Circus Train.

How fun are clowns?  Now these weren't the only clowns around.  The Crazy Clown Fire Brigade has two other clowns, one tall blue one and a short black clown with a fireman hat.


Crazy Clown Brigade clowns, both are exclusive to the Crazy Clown Brigade #657.  The tall clown is the tallest FPLP character and in this set could also have a yellow tie and/or a white fireman's hat.  The short fireman clown could also have a white hat.

For more clowning around see the Circus Train #991

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