Friday, June 27, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Little People Motorcycle

It's time to feel the wind in your face today on Fisher Price Friday.  We're hitting the road with Little People Motorcycle #2451. Made from 1985-1990 this set only had 3 pieces; the motorcycle, double cones and a driver with a helmet.  

The motorcycle was yellow with red handlebars and big thick black tires.  Not to be confused with the red motorcycle that came with the Pop Up Camper #992.  This same motorcycle came with the Play Family Camper #994.  The driver is one of two helmeted little people, the other being the all in black driver for the Race Car #2450.  This driver is tall and blue with a white helmet.  He isn't an exclusive for he was also made for the #634 Motorcycle set, sold only in the UK (with more pieces including a ramp!).

The double cones or traffic pylons are unique but not exclusives to the set.  They also came with the Lift and Load Builders #789 and the #2352 Construction Set.

It may be a simple set but it's pretty cute!  A favorite of my girls, I just wish we had the UK version with the ramps and motorcycle trailer.  Hopefully someday!


  1. I just found this driver and motorcycle at my local Goodwill Outlet. This is where you dig through bins of stuff/treasures and pay by the pound... I Googled the motorcycle to verify that the driver indeed goes with the motorcycle. Sure is a cute set. I doubt I'll ever find the double cones, but that's ok. Thanks for sharing your love of vintage Little People!

    1. What a find, good for you! I check those bins whenever I go in but haven't found anything good yet. I keep hoping though. :)