Friday, August 9, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Little People School

Today on Fisher Price Friday we're going back to school.  Believe it or not my daughter starts school next week so this is very timely for me.  Today's set is the Little People School #2550 which was made from only 1988-1990.  This set is an updated take on a school, replacing the Play Family School #923 which was discontinued (in wide release) in 1978.

The Little People School came with many accessories, there were 13 from 1988-1989 and 12 in 1990.  The set came with a yellow bus, jump rope, skateboard, slide out playground, white flag, red stop sign, 5 people, box of chalk (not pictured) and a white play barrel (not pictured).

The 1988 version featured the people as shown.  The only exclusive person in the first two versions is the black girl with a green body.  She appeared in all 3 versions of this set.  The 1989 version had the same people except the blue boy was caucasian instead of black.

The 1990 version featured a teacher with glasses (she was found in one other set, the #2551 Neighborhood), an orange girl with glasses (another exclusive to this set) and the blue boy how has Asian looking eyes.  The Asian boy was in only one other set, the 2504 Garage.

The playground slides underneath the school for storage.  However, it can still be used for play even when stored. In this position the orange slide is accessed by the blue walkway on the roof.  The walkway is similar to the ones on the Western Town #934 and Sesame Street Clubhouse #937.  It moves along by turning the orange crank on the side.  At the end the little person gets dumped off onto the top of the slide.

The roof above the blue walkway has a lithograph of a Lunch Lady and a lunch line.  

The other side of the roof has a scrolling alphabet that shows the letters from A to Z with different words and picture for each.  The letters scroll by either pushing the white bell tower on the roof or by scrolling the blue knob on the side of the school.  The scrolling alphabet was only included in the 1988-1989 versions.  In 1990 it was omitted and replaced with a lithograph with "Fisher Price" and "School" written on it.  In this photo you can also see the side of the school (red wall) in the closed position.  

When the wall folds down you can see into the school.  The folded out wall also provides a chalkboard (blue).  The school has 4 built in student desks and a orange teacher desk.  There are lithographs on one wall of a chalkboard and globe.  On the floor of the school there is a trap door that leads to the playground.

Here's the little boy coming out of the chute from the trap door in the school.  The lithograph on the side of the school includes a basketball hoop with a bird sitting on top.  Also a brown and white dog playing ball.

The pull out playground has an attached seesaw, orange slide, and yellow balance beam.  There is also an orange gate that opens and closes (at the top of the photo).  The set should also include a white barrel that would be placed in the space adjacent to the balance beam.  The playground has a lithograph of a hopscotch game and the rest of the features are built into the plastic base (shrubs, flowers, etc).

The jump rope is just like the one from the Sesame Street Clubhouse but has different colors.  It is operated by the blue crank on the side and there is a spot for a little person to watch the fun.

The yellow skateboard was exclusive to the school.  It was omitted from the set in 1990.

The other transportation came with the yellow school bus.  The bus was an exclusive to this set and is similar in size to the Mini Bus #141, but it all plastic and not a wood/plastic combo.  It holds only 4 people and is riding on tiny little black wheels (smaller than the wheels on all other buses).  

The set has a ramp going up to the school door for the bus to drop off students.  Grooves in the plastic on the top keep it from rolling back down.  You can also see the red walk/don't walk sign that is operated by the red lever on the left.  Safely first!

Happy Back to School!


  1. my Senior Kindergarden classroom had this back in 95.and still had it as late as 2004 (before the school closed)

  2. hi Anne! I'm looking for this School set for my baby. It was one of my husband´s favorite toys! Do you know where can I buy it?

    1. Hello there! Isn't this a sweet set? It is not as common as the older School but I've seen it for sale from time to time on Ebay or Etsy. Good luck!