Friday, March 8, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Western Town

Today's set is so perfect for my family since we live in the Southwest.  There are old western towns all over the place so this set is actually familiar looking to my kids!  It's the Play Family Western Town #934.  It was made from 1982-1984 and is a one-of-a-kind.  Well sort of.  It's really a remake of the 1977-1979 Sesame Street Clubhouse.  They took the clubhouse base and changed it around a bit to make the western town while still keeping some of the same fun features like the roof walkway, flip up roof and stairs on the side.

The Western Town came with 18 accessories (plus the base).  The four little people included a red cowboy, orange Native American Chief, blue Sheriff with a orange star badge (could also be silver, which is rarer) and a yellow lady with a green hat.  The yellow lady was the only figure made exclusively for the set, the other three were produced in people only western sets even after the Western Town stopped production (with a few variations).  

The other accessories included 2 horses (as shown, one brown and one black), 2 harnesses, one saddle, a stagecoach, orange stagecoach roof, wagon, crate and finally a piece of luggage (should be the same shape shown but in green).

The stagecoach could be either yellow or green.  Both colors had a orange removable roof.  The stagecoach roof is one of the most difficult pieces to replace, they are hard to find!  The coach holds two people inside and a driver up front.  There is space in the back or on top to hold luggage.  The coach is pulled by a horse of course that is wearing a a harness.  
Like the stagecoach the wagon could be either yellow or green.  However, it should be the opposite color of the stagecoach.  The wagon can hold two crates and one person (the driver).  It is pulled by the same harness and a horse.

Here we have the Native American Chief riding the horse with the saddle.  The saddle is another easily lost piece (trust me, we lost ours here in the house for a couple weeks).

Now to the play set.  It is all plastic with a few bright lithographs here and there.  The front has double turquoise doors (only the left opens), a window, flip top roof and a trap door that shoots a figure out the side.  Let me tell you, my toddler spends the longest time shoving little people through the trap door.  It's her favorite part!  The front also has stairs leading up to a deck area as well as the rooftop walkway.  The walkway moves via the brown crank on the left side and like the Sesame Street Clubhouse the pieces eventually drop off the side of the building.

Just a little note about the Native American Chiefs.  There are many many variations of them!  I've heard there may be as many as 13 different versions!  They have subtle differences including the colors on the headdress, color of the scarf, colors on the body, colors of the body and silver (or not) on the side of the headdress.  The 5 Chiefs shown here are all unique, can you spot the differences?  
There are a lot of cowboys and western figures too.  Perhaps another week I'll go into more details about all of them.
Happy Playing Y'all!


  1. Ooh I love this playset! It's so awesome!

    1. It is a favorite! They especially love dropping people off the roof down the shoot. :)