Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 Life Lessons from The Bachelor

I realize that by writing today's post I am admitting that I watch the Bachelor.  Talk about a guilty pleasure show; 25 girls vying for one guy!  But hey, you know I'm fascinated by Polygamy and this is pretty darn close to that. ;)  I watched the very first season of the Bachelor many many (10) years ago back when I was still single myself.  For some reason I decided to try this crazy show again and wouldn't you know it was so bizarre that I found it entertaining.

Last night was the "3 hr Live finale" (which by the way is only 2 hrs and 7 min without commercials!) and the Bachelor Sean chose Catherine.  I watched it today since we don't have television at our house (it is available the next day online).  Like thousands millions of other women all across American I'm hoping these crazy kids make it work.  Although I've read that out of 10 years of seasons only 2 couples actually have.  Ha!

It wasn't just a guilty pleasure show though, I learned a few things.  Here are my top 5:

5 Life Lessons from the Bachelor
5. Don't drink on a reality show.  You may be nervous but trust me, you'll be sorry later.
4. There is such a thing as too much bling, makeup and big hair.  Less is more ladies, less is more.
3. You can only say "you're amazing" so many times before it starts sounding creepy.
2. Keep crying spells to a limit, it makes your face scrunch up and you look ugly. That and people don't take you seriously after awhile.
Last but not least:
1. There is no such thing as "the one". There are many people that we could be with, it's all about timing and making a choice.  However, as long as you're not being followed around by a 50 person crew and numerous cameras there isn't a rush to make a decision!  It's just weird to break up with one woman and get engaged to another on the same day.

Love on people, love on.