Friday, August 16, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Airport Crew

Today on Fisher Price Friday put your seat back up and your tray table away.  That's right, we're taking to the skies with the Airport Crew/Jetport Crew #678.  There are two versions of the crew with three pieces each.  They were made between 1984-1990 and are designed to be played with alone or as an accompaniment to the Jetport #933, Airport #2502, Jetliner #2360 or the Jetliner #182.

This first set was made from 1984-1988 and was referred to as the Jetport Crew.  It featured two exclusive little people, the tan stewardess and tan pilot.  The blue AA pilot was found in 2 other sets (Main Street #2500 and Airport #2502).

The second set was made from 1989-1990 and was referred to as the Airport Crew.  This set did not have any exclusive pieces.  The tall blue stewardess is also in the Airport #2502.  The green pilot is in two helicopter sets; Air Lift Copter #635 and the Airlift Copter #2449.  He also became the Zoo Keeper in later versions of the Zoo #916.

I have one more special stewardess to show you.  She's from the Airport #2502 which was the last airport made with the classic little people.  It is very similar to the Jetport #933, with small changes to the base color and accessories.  

Isn't she a beauty? 

Fly safe and listen to your airport crew! :)

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