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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dumpster Diving with my Kids

I have a confession to make, I went dumpster diving with my kids this summer.  Now..before you call the authorities I will clarify that it was at a Goodwill store.  A Goodwill Outlet to be specific.

Store or no store there is no mistaking that this was dumpster diving.  I'd never seen anything like it, I was partly fascinated and partly repulsed. ;)

The Goodwill Outlet (in Tacoma, WA) was a huge building.  The back half had the donation processing center which was interesting to observe (through a chain link fence).  You could see the huge recycling machines and watch all the busy workers sorting out shoes, clothes, toys, housewares, etc.

The front of the building was the "store" which consisted of huge/long dumpsters chock full of random junk.  Everything was just thrown together in a pile.  People milled about picking through the dumpsters, unpacking and throwing items to get to the bottom.  Crazy!

I had my youngest in a stroller and my 5 year old peeking over the top of the dumpster pointing out all kinds of crazy crap that she "wanted".

Just in case you're curious the items are bought by the pound.  Yes that's right, you bring your stack to the register and they put it on a scale.  I think it was $1.49 a pound.

It was an interesting experience that required lots of hand washing when we were done.  Ha!  No more dumpster diving for me!

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