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Friday, June 22, 2012

Fisher Price Fridays - Mini Bus

I have to admit that my week has been saturated with Fisher Price Little People (FPLP).  They're in every room of our house right now while I organize and sort through them.  I've gotten to the point where I even have dreams about them at night.  Ha!  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled about last week's amazing craiglist find.  And I'm also excited to have finally opened my own Etsy Shop.  But, I've got little people over-load. :)

That said I am excited about today's toy on Fisher Price Fridays.  This entry may be a bit picture heavy as a result. :)  Sorry, they're just so cute I can't help myself!  So without further delay here is the Play Family Mini-Bus #141.  The mini-bus was made from 1970-1990.  However, from 1986-1999 they changed the name to Mini-Van to catch up with the times.  The buses all seat 5 passengers and the seats move up and down when the bus is moving.

The mini bus set came with five people.  The ones pictured here are the original wood figures.  The figures basically stayed the same for the entire 20 years that the mini-bus was made, except for changing to plastic instead of wood.  

There are many many variations to the mini-bus look, in color combinations and subtle lithograph changes (wording of where manufactured).  So many variations that there is a chart to help you figure it out at thisoldtoy.com.  The bus pictured for example was made in the USA but they were also made in Mexico and Belgium.

The roof could be yellow, white or red. 

My other mini-bus (I don't have any of the more recent mini-vans) is yellow on yellow.  This bus was assembled in Mexico.  Pictured is the plastic version of the family.

My yellow bus has been in a few accidents and needs a new paint job. Ha! ;)

There is only one exclusive figure from this set (meaning it was made only for this set).  It is the smiling green boy with a red cap.  He was (only) included in a Pampers promotional van sold in 1988.  The Pampers van had just the three figures pictured above instead of a family.  As a result the green boy is a little harder to find.  I just happen to have two. ;)

My collection expanded a little bit after last weekend.  Hmmm, do you think I have enough?  Don't worry, I have plans to include at least one of these sweet rides in my Etsy Shop soon!

I got a little silly and filled each bus with a different theme.  Can you see or guess them all?

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Nice looking fleet.

  2. I love these little buses and Fisher Price Friday! Your blog is well put together and very interesting!