Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Sedona necklace

I wrote before about the lovely jewelry we picked up in Sedona on a recent trip.  We'd designed another necklace to be made and it arrived last week.

It is a rhodochrosite stone set with silver.  The necklace is made of tiny matte black seed beads.

We loved this particular rhodochrosite stone because it was so colorful.  Rhodochrosite is usually rose red (pink) in color, so the extra black, cream and brown means it's impure which to us makes it lovely.

The piece has weight to it (especially with all that silver) but isn't too heavy.  My baby likes to hold it and of course teeth on it.

Even our dog approves.

We bought from Roy and Debrah Harris at Desert Rock N Gem.  They were fabulous to work with and I highly recommend them!

Desert Rock N Gem
PO Box 2283 Lapine Oregon 97739

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