Saturday, June 2, 2012

My new "rocks" from Sedona

Last weekend we took a last minute trip up to Sedona for the holiday.  It was lovely to get out of the Phoenix heat and up into the cooler air.  We saw some beautiful sights but also did a little jewelry shopping at an open air market.

I'm a fan of stones and we're always on the lookout for necklaces, preferably hand made (as opposed to China).

So I was pretty excited when I saw this necklace from a couple that own Desert Rock N Gem.  It is a Bisbee turquoise stone set with reclaimed silver and copper.  The top part is a 1880's salt spoon handle.  I love the history of this peace.

The "chain" is made out of tiny turquoise colored beads (4 round) hand strung.

Big and beautiful, perfect for living in the SW.  It's a little piece of God's art that I can wear. :)

We also selected this very unique (in-my-opinion) ring from the same shop.  It is a "bullet" ring made from silver and the end of a brass bullet.  See how it says "357 Federal Magnum"?  Set in the bullet hole is a lovely Pink Tourmaline which just happens to my my oldest child's birthstone.  

They threw in a little silver ring for my daughter too.  She has been wearing it proudly as it's her first non-plastic ring.  While we were shopping and chatting they kept her busy by giving her different rocks and stones.  She was in heaven and now tells me that she is going to be a rock-hunter when she grows up too.

We have one more necklace coming.  They had a big beautiful stone that we're having set in silver and she'll be stringing a tiny black bead "chain".  It will be even bigger than my bisbee turquoise so hopefully I can carry it off.  

If you want custom made jewelry or if you're in the Lapine area of Oregon I highly recommend Desert Rock N Gem.  Roy and Debrah Harris are lovely and talented people, wonderful to work with!  

Desert Rock N Gem
PO Box 2283 Lapine Oregon 97739

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