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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kids's Character Breakfast

Last monday the girls and I met some friends for a fun breakfast experience at Elevate, a local coffee shop.  The kids got special meals (french toast, sausage, fruit and juice) to enjoy while we watched the "show".

The youth from the Musical Theatre of Anthem were dressed up as Dr Seuss characters.  They sang, chatted with the kids, posed for photos then sang some more.

My baby girl was amazed, she couldn't get enough of the funny dressed kids.  She waved, said hi and smiled the whole time.  My 4 year old also loved it too but was pretty shy when they came around.

It was a fun morning!  If you are near the North Phoenix area there will be more Kid's Character Breakfasts this summer including a Princess theme this monday.  It's $8 for the kids which includes breakfast and a goodie bag.  But don't worry, there are many options for adults too, it's is a coffee shop after all. :)  I had a lovely Peach Apricot iced tea and a lemon and sugar crepe.  Good times!


  1. Um how young is too young for this kind of thing?

    1. There is no such thing as too young. Really the baby loved it as much as her sister (and she didn't cost me $8, ha!) . You should come! At the least you can get a good cup of coffee, wait I mean ice-water. ;)