Sunday, June 3, 2012

Frappuccino copy-cat recipe

I've been enjoying trying out ice-cream recipes each weekend with our new KitchenAid ice-cream maker.  First I tried copy-cat Haagen Dazs Vanilla then Buttermilk. This week the mission was coffee ice-cream for my husband.  He's a fan of ice-milk, which means no heavy cream or eggs.  So we decided to freeze our oh-so-yummy iced-coffee recipe and see if it worked for ice-milk/ice-cream.

It's not exactly like ice-cream right now but it is SO much like a Frappuccino.  Creamy, light, icy and just perfect.  Also pretty easy.

Easy Ice-Cream Maker Frappuccino 

10-12 cups strong coffee
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
*optional chocolate syrup to taste

Mix it up in a small pitcher and put in your fridge to cool.  When cool add 4 cups to your ice-cream maker and follow manufacturer's instructions.  The rest can be used whenever you want some iced coffee, just pour the coffee over ice and voila!

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